The Seat Lever Nut

I'll be your instructor I'll be your instructor Hi everybody,
    Did you know that the "pan seat" on most of the two cylinder tractors is supposed to be adjustable for people with long legs and short legs. Yep, the channel is slotted where the seat is mounted. All you need is part number D1797R. The John Deere parts catalog calls it the "Seat Clamp Nut". If you can find one of these parts, your seat could be quickly and easily adjusted.

    You could make one by welding a piece of rod to a nut, then replace your present bolt with a long carriage bolt, then add the spacer and handle under the seat as shown.

    This is a simple little "project" that will allow your wife or your youngsters to sit closer to the steering wheel. You can quickly move the seat back to where YOU had it when they let YOU use the tractor. You don't even need to look for a wrench!!

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