What is a "ground driven" implement?

Popper, courtesy of Matthew Cole Never mind clicking on me... Pay Attention!!!     "Ground driven" means that as something is pulled or pushed along the ground, the rotary motion that is imparted to the wheels is used to run some OTHER mechanism within the object. Remember the old "reel type" lawn mower that had no engine and you had to push it to make the blades go around? THAT was "ground driven". This child's "popper toy" that makes popping sounds and bounces the marbles around as you push it along the floor is "ground driven".
    One of the first and most important "ground driven" implements was the sickle-bar mower. You pulled it with horses and the wheels were connected to the cutter-bar by a crank. This implement relieved the backbreaking drudgery of mowing a field with a scythe!! When tractors became available, all you had to do was pull the mower with a tractor instead of with horses. Later on, the mechanism of the mower was powered by the tractor itself through the PTO shaft. This made the mower much more efficient and the difference in ground speed and cutting speed could be varied.
    Another major work saver was the "ground driven" side delivery hay rake. Even after they were made without seats because they were intended to be pulled by a tractor, they were still powered by their own wheels.
    One of the MOST important "ground driven" implements is the "Moldboard Trailer Plow"!

    Huh??!!.... The plow doesn't have any moving parts. All it does is dig into the ground as you PULL it!

    Ah HA, but how do you get the plow OUT of the ground at the end of the furrow?? There is a "ground driven" LIFT MECHANISM built into the plow... and therein lies a tale.....

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