The Standard Hand Lever

Hand Lever

     This is the way the mower was shipped when new, with the hand lever as standard equipment. When equipped this way, the cutterbar can be raised and lowered no matter what brand of tractor you have attached to the mower. The difficulty is that when the cutterbar is in the down position, the handle is FARTHEST away from the operator and is difficult to reach.
    You are going to notice in the illustrations showing the other methods of raising the cutterbar that the hand lever has been removed. I use the foot lever myself and I have found it very desirable to leave the hand lever ON the mower as well. It allows you to lock the cutterbar in the transport position and it is still easy for you to reach behind to unlock it. It is also handy for raising and lowering the bar during adjustments and maintenance or repairs.
The details of the hand lever itself are shown below:

Lever details

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