The Grass Board

Outboard side of the grass board

     Hopefully, you still have the old board to use as a pattern. Even MORE hopefully, you still have the hardware that was ON it. If not, the board should be made out of hardwood, about 34 inches long, 7 inches high and an inch thick. It should be shaped as shown above.

     You need to attach a steel "wear-strip" (4) along the bottom edge of the board, and a steel plate (2) where the board pivots on the shoe. This plate is especially important because without it the sharp top front corner of the board will wear out. This will cause the back end of the board to pivot downwards every time you lift the cutterbar.
     The grass stick (5) is an extension of the grass board. It simply bolts onto the board in two places (23). You can see where there are three holes, for height adjustment, at the front end of the stick where the socket (6) goes.
     The grass board attaches to the outside of the outer shoe. The bolt head (7) goes on the inside, the spring (8), nut (1) and cotterpin on the outside. Adjust the spring so the board is flexible (24).

Inboard side of grass board

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