The purpose of the "Links page" is to establish "mutual" or "reciprocal" links with individual hobbyists like myself. If you have a private web site, or a club web site, I WOULD LOVE TO EXCHANGE LINKS WITH YOU. If your site is noncommercial (Other than Amazon books and such), please read this page. If your site IS commercial, I would STILL like to exchange links with you and advertise your site, but please click HERE to find out how.
    Mutual or reciprocal links are VERY important to a web site. Not only do they make it easier for someone to find you when they are on a related web site, but they also enhance your ranking when someone finds you in a search engine. That's RIGHT, the more sites that are linked to YOU, the more "popular" you will be to the search engine.
    At the present time my site gets about 700 visitors a day. I also get lots of email and I respond to ALL email questions, even if the answer to the question is already on the site. In other words, if they are looking for something that YOU have, and they don't see the link to YOUR site, I will either send the person directly to it, or I will "paste in" an answer that contains a link to it, because chances are I have already answered the question by email before. You see, I have been sending my visitors to sites like YOURS for YEARS now!!
    NEW questions get NEW answers and they become NEW material for the "Tips" page. New SITES become new ANSWERS.
    Helping people find what they are looking for is a MAJOR part of what I am trying to do to promote the hobby.
    If you are interested in exchanging links with Retired, click here to get to my email page, then scroll down to the bottom of it to find my address. Send me the address of your site, TELL me a little bit about yourself, and we'll exchange LINKS!!

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