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John Deere Yesterday and Today! Get the PARTS CATALOG!! But, please call me Meli...
    We just received a brand new book entitled "John Deere Yesterday & Today". We thought it was going to be just another "coffee table picture book" until we opened it. It's the whole history of John Deere, from the beginnings to the present day. For comparison, the saga is presented along with bits and dibs and dabs of the history of our country that are contemporary to what was going on at John Deere at the time. The book is not only loaded with hundreds of color pictures, it is interesting READING!! You'll find old tractors, new tractors, vintage advertising, important people, and unique memorabilia.
John Deere Yesterday and Today!    You'll find EVERYTHING in here. We are used to seeing Model B tractors just like ours in books about John Deere tractors, but this one goes a lot further. We found our favorite John Deere toys, our own John Deere thermometer, and even our package of John Deere "gummy bears"!! You'll find everything you've already collected and everything that you haven't even THOUGHT about collecting yet.
    Get TWO copies, one for yourself and one to give as a gift to your favorite John Deere collector. You can buy the book from Amazon right through our BOOKSTORE.

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