Wire tie Baler

Hay Baler

     The above illustration of the John Deere Automatic Pickup Baler No.116W is from the operator's manual # OM-E1-951. It was one of the first automated wire tie balers. Before that, two men had to sit on the baler, one on either side of the chute, in order to hand feed and tie the wires that held the finished bale together. My baler, shown below, is not exactly resurrected from the dead! You might go so far as to say that it is only ONE step up from the "junk" pile!
     It is a huge, massive thing. It weighs as much as a tractor and has about a thousand moving parts, many of which are now rusted together.
     When the twine-tie baler was perfected, the wire-tie type quickly disappeared from the market in many areas. Little snippets of twine are MUCH less dangerous to livestock than little pieces of wire! Fewer animals would come down with "hardware disease" from eating pieces of twine!
    Several people have written to me to tell me that the wire-tie baler is still alive and well. Baling wire is still being produced, and The John Deere Company is still manufacturing wire-tire balers in limted numbers!!
Junk Baler

    So, why do I even HAVE this baler then? Because the price was right! Someone was glad to get it out of their way!

Sorry looking baler

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