Picture of a Tuft of Daisies

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By Robert Frost

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    Way back when I first got this little farm, I actually mowed a field of about an acre, by hand, with a scythe. You really ARE alone when you do that! I remembered the poem, and I left some flowers, and I may have even taken a picture. What a back-breaking job! It's not anything I want to do any more.
     The commentary is supposed to be about the poem, but I just wanted to say something about the picture. The "mower" in that field wasn't a person; it was the 1946 John Deere you will see in the next shot. The "mower" didn't carefully leave the tuft of flowers; the mower is seven feet wide! I cheated; I used a string-trimmer.
    All of these modern conveniences are at my disposal, and they are all provided by people I have never met! In this incredible shrinking world, we all work together even when we are apart.

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