A Road in the Woods

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By Robert Frost

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     "The Road Not Taken" was my favorite poem for many years. Of course it started with an actual experience rather than with something symbolic. When I was much younger, my father, my brothers and I were hiking on old roads in the woods. We came to a fork; and unlike in the poem, we decided to take the one that looked MORE traveled. It turned out to be a good hike; and as I remember, we came out on the highway, and went back to our car without retracing the road back to the fork. But I always remembered the other road, and vowed that I would come back again some day and follow it. Again, unlike the poem, I DID! A few years later, after I had my own driver's license, I dragged a girlfriend on that hike and followed that road. It was LOUSY! The road just fizzled out and led to nowhere! We had to go back the same way we came.
     The lesson here is the opposite of the one attributed to Frost. He said don't be a conformist, and you'll be better off! I haven't quite lived my life just following the crowd either! I work at a job that very few people do, and my lifestyle and hobbies are anything BUT conformist. I mean, how many people collect antique tractors?!

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