Picture of Autumn Leaves

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By Robert Frost

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Happy Landing!

     Even if you can't get a kid to help you get RID of the leaves, it's not too hard to get him to help you pile them up! So what if you have to rake them up again after you finish playing!


     I know, raking leaves is a lot of work, but name some other kind of work that's as much FUN! I'm old enough to remember when you could burn the leaves in the fall. This is something I suddenly begin to worry about, because even Robert Frost mentions putting them in bags! All during Indian Summer, the smell of the "Indian campfires" would linger in the air like incense. That was my favorite part of Fall, and I miss it. A crisp fall day, a football game, a lot of hustle and bustle: mostly all for nothing!

Note: no children or animals were harmed during the filming of this sequence

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