The Brushpile

    Do we enjoy being scared? Isn't that why we have horror movies and roller coasters? Is there a little "pyromaniac" in all of us? Aren't we always in awe of the danger of a big fire?

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The Bonfire
By Robert Frost

    I've done it myself! Here on the farm I've burned piles of brush SO big that the fire department would have had FITS if they had seen them! The one in the picture, here, is nothing compared to some of the piles I've burned. And yes, I've had the wind come up and spread a little "black" across the field, much to my embarrassment. There's a certain "rush" you get watching the fire go up; even more so when it gets AWAY from you!!
    Towards the end of the poem, is Frost comparing the "rush" with the way some people feel about war? Remember in the movie "Patton", right in the middle of a battle, George C. Scott says "How I DO love it", as if his armies were just pawns to be sacrificed in order to win the game. In "Apocalypse Now", Robert Duvall utters his famous line "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." I think Frost would rather get his "rush" from the rollercoaster!

Start the Fire
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