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    The "ads page" was originally conceived to help individual hobbyists like ourselves to find things they need or sell things they DON'T need.
    WE WOULD LOVE TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES, so, we wonder if you would take a minute to read our policy towards commercial advertising??
    We can give you MORE Than just a "business card" sized ad. We have reorganized the "Tip of the Week" on into a helpful "Tractor Tip" page. We are concerned about finding ways to make this site pay for itself. It's still a hobby for us, but we're not going to say it is "ONLY" a hobby. We really enjoy helping newcomers. It is a lot of FUN, but we are supporting the site with a lot of our own time, and money out of our own pockets to keep it online. It's getting expensive, so, our idea is to ask for some sponsors to help out a little. We'd like to do something different from the usual. Rather than running splashy "banners" and ads that nobody reads, We'd like to do sincere endorsements such as these examples:

Tony's Tractors
Green Farm Toys
Steiner Tractor Parts
Mainely Magnetos
Davenport Tractor
Green Farm Parts
Iron Classics
Old Millmac
Maxx Industries gets over 200 visitors a day. We respond to ALL email questions, even if the answer to the question is already on the site. In other words, if they are looking for something that YOU sell, and they don't see the link to YOUR endorsement, We will either send the person directly to it, or we will "paste in" an answer that contains a link to it, because chances are we have already answered the question by email before. You see, we have been sending our visitors to people like YOU for YEARS now!!
    NEW questions get NEW answers and they become NEW material for the "Tips" page.
    The present rate is $100 per year. You get an endorsement page, a permanent ad on the ads page, and a link on the link page. You become the "sponsor" of the "Tips" page every now and then, you appear on the SPONSOR page, and your logo and link appear at random times in the middle of the home page. Your endorsement page can include anything, within reason, that you would want to see there, especially some of your OWN graphics if you have any. And, of course, it can be updated as necessary. If you don't have a web site, this is a good way to get some REAL exposure on the internet. Oh, and if you WANT to have a web site, we can talk about THAT, too.
    Helping people find what they are looking for is a MAJOR part of what we are trying to do to promote the hobby. If your goods and services fall under more than one category, you will have more than one link, pointing to slightly different versions of your endorsement page.
    If you are interested, click here to get to our email page, then scroll down to the bottom of it to find our address. TELL us a little bit about yourself.

    The following are some recommendations of our service. They appear on LinkedIn. (You have to sign in as a member in order to see them there)

This one is from the Ecommerce Manager at Steiner Tractor Parts:

"Our relationship with Gene and with his website, has been of tremendous value. We can call upon Gene's website for very well researched John Deere information to assist our customers. He also, for a very reasonable fee, offers advertising on his site and drives a tremendous amount of business our way. All of the links we get are highly relevant. I also love the creative way he runs his advertising campaign. It is truly integrated within his site and therefore only drives well qualified links. I recommend Gene's site to all John Deere enthusiasts and I hope to continue to do business with him well into the future. February 3, 2010

This is from the senior designer at All One Media:

"The eye-catching graphics and "always fresh" look of the web site made for an easy decision when it came to choosing an online promotion vehicle for my antique tractor DVDs. Gene's creativity and technical prowess gets the job done. February 4, 2010

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