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    These classified ads are FREE for individuals looking for items or information, or for individuals selling a few items as a "one shot" deal. If you are selling things commercially, please click HERE to see how YOU can advertise.
    If you want to PLACE an ad, please read this whole page. If you only want to read the ads, click one of these links, or press the button at the bottom of the page. Want Ads, For Sale Ads, Information Wanted Ads.
     These ads have been working out VERY well for some people. Not everyone writes back to us to tell us if the ad helped them, but click here to see the results some people have had using our ads page.

    The "filthy" part of the world wide web out there continues to flood us with advertisements for porn, and "drugs" and other crap. You won't see those ads here, because we manually weed them out before they get posted. You will only see the legitimate ads. However, once you post an ad, you will probably get some automated SCAM responses. Please read the following....

     No matter where you advertise, you ARE going to get scam responses. They are harmless as long as you recognize them and don't answer them. We will show you what to look for. Please take a look at the following three pages, and see the examples, right HERE. Even if you think you have seen EVERYTHING, please take a look at these. And if you think the scammer can't trick you into thinking he is paying by Paypal, read THIS one.

     These ads are only for tractors and farm related equipment. Anything else will simply NOT be posted!! If you would like to have a free ad on our page, please send us the following information by filling in the form that is provided below:

  1. Your first name.
  2. Your STATE or PROVINCE. (This is important for shipping
        considerations. Add your town, if you want to).
  3. Your E-mail address
  4. Your phone number
  5. The ITEM that is for sale, or wanted, or your question.
  6. An asking price. (This will help get you much better results!)
  7. Your Ad (A VERY short description)
  8. We encourage you to send a picture of your item to be posted with the ad. If you have a picture, please send it to me by email, as an attachment. I'll size it and format it and run it with your ad. Use the email link WAY down below.

    If you send in the following form, We'll take that as permission for us to post your information online. We will be doing this for FREE, at our own pace, so don't expect too much. We still post them by hand, so your ad won't show up immediately. We probably won't send an acknowledgement to tell you when your ad is posted, so check the page in a day or two. PLEASE also look at the links about SCAMS so that you will recognise one when you see it.
     All selling and/or trading negotiations will be between YOU, and the person who E-mails you or calls you. Treat it like a swap meet; we'll just be here to keep the bulletin board nice and neat. is not responsible for what happens between you and your buyer or seller.
     TO REMOVE AN AD, just send another ad that tells us which ad needs to be removed, or send us an email. You'll find an email link near the bottom of this page. We will keep your ad up for at least 30 days. When the page gets too big, we purge the oldest ads. If you haven't sold the item, or haven't found what you wanted, and your ad is gone, just resubmit it and we will be glad to run another one!
     We would ask, however, that if you DO sell the item, to please let us know, so we can remove the ad, and no one will be disappointed about an item that is already sold. Once again, to remove an ad, just send another ad that tells us which ad needs to be removed, or send us an email. And if you inquire about an item, and it is already sold, please let us know also, so we can remove that ad. And if you find something you are looking for, please let us know, so we can remove your want ad too. Thanks!

     Sometimes it is possible that your email doesn't receive mail, or you may have mistyped the address. If that is the case, no one can answer your ad if you haven't included a phone number.
    Therefore, your phone number is required.

 Fields marked with a * are required.  Please do NOT type with all capital letters.

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 Please type all the text of your ad here:*
 (If you have more than one item, put them ALL in one ad)
 Please do not use all capital letters.  


 If you have a picture, please reread #8, above.

In order to keep spammers out of here, 
please type the two words found in the following box, 
then click the "Send the AD" button.

    This is the internet, and sometimes the above form doesn't work. If that happens, just put all of the above information into an ordinary email and send it here. Please include ALL of the information listed above. If you want to send a PICTURE, or ask a question, or if you have any other problems... EMAIL ME HERE

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